To all my students:

retazos trabajossigno



To some of my students (en portugués, pero seguro entienden):

quem nao estuda

Dear visitor,

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! My name is Pedro Hernán Zambrano and I am a mathematician. My research topic is Model Theory, a branch of Mathematical Logic (do not confuse with just Logic).

More specifically, I am interested in stability in metric non-elementary classes (in fact,  superstability in Metric Abstract Elementary Classes, a metric version of non-axiomatizable -in Continuous Logic- classes of complete metric structures; e.g., Banach spaces, Hilbert spaces together with linear operators).

Also, I am interested to study the interaction of Category Theory and Model Theory.

I was invited to attend the Mathematical Logic Program at Mittag-Leffler Institute at Djursholm, Sweden which held in Fall 2009.

I am a member of Colombian Mathematical Society and Association for Symbolic Logic


This blog is devoted to write my personal thinkings and to be a communication way with my mathematical collaborators and students.

A nice advantage of using wordpress is we can write mathematical expressions in \LaTeX, so I will be able to write mathematical notes to my collaborators and students.

Thanks once more, and enjoy my blog!

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  1. Pedro Z. says:

    It is possible to write \LaTeX commands using wordpress. Just write \ ( \command \ ) without spaces.

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